Directions to the SAI Offices From Route 128 going north/south

        Take Exit for Route 2 going East (toward the city - toward Arlington, Cambridge, Boston).

        Take the 2nd exit from Route 2 - #55 - Pleasant Street, Lexington. This exit is not available going out from the city - i.e. west.

        At the bottom of the ramp, bear right which will put you on Pleasant Street.

        Take Pleasant Street to the end - about 100 yards or so. You can't go any further, you've run perpendicularly into Concord Ave.

        Take a left onto Concord Ave.
        #127 is the 11th house down on the left - about 2/3 of the way  down the hill - a large hip-roof colonial painted cream  with green shutters. The postbox is also large, cream colored and in the shape of a house.

        Park in the driveway and come around the back to the back door.
 Ring the doorphone and you will be buzzed into the waiting room.  Push hard on the inner door when it buzzes,
 because the knob does not turn - the latch simply releases.

Directions to the SAI Offices from Waltham

Go up Lexington Street until it becomes Waltham Street  (town line - you can tell because the environment
 goes from paved to trees and leaves.)

 First traffic light - Shell station on left - turn right onto Concord Ave.

After a bit you will come to Pleasant Street on your left  - don't do anything. It is a only a marker - we are the 11th house down on the left.

 Cream colored with green shutters. Hip-roof colonial.  2/3 down a hill. Property begins at black fireplug.
 Post box large, shaped like a house and cream colored. Number 127.

 Park in driveway. Come around back  where you will see signs for Dr. S. and SA.

Press door phone button. When buzzer sounds, push hard on the inner door - knob does not turn.
You will be in the waiting room.

Directions to the SAI Offices from Cambridge/Fresh Pond

Concord Avenue extends in more or less of a straight line from Harvard Square to Lexington.

At Fresh Pond Rotary, rather than bearing right to Rte. 2 (and Whole Foods), bear left onto Concord Avenue.

Stay straight - you will go through a traffic light with Sancta Maria Hospital on the near right and a Temple on the far left. Keep straight.

You will pass Belmont High School on your right. Keep going until the road divides. On your right will be a large stone railroad bridge. Duck under it, and immediately after turn left. You will be on Concord Avenue once again.

The Police Station will be on your left and the Belmont Town Hall will be on your right.
Continue straight through the traffic light at the base of Belmont Hill. Go up Belmont Hill and down
Belmont Hill. Keep going straight.

On the right will be the golf course of the Belmont Country Club - then wetlands.

You can tell when you have entered Lexington because the road will be noticeably paved differently.

SAI is the fifth building on the right after you enter Lexington. It tends to come up a little quickly.

Rest of directions as above.

Call 781-862-7792 or 781-504-1374 with questions or if lost.