Hi Jeff :  Thanks for sending this.  I am delighted to see him do well academically and hope he's feeling better about himself and his ability to do analytic, written work. Actually, I had always thought of you as being Moses, leading the lost into the Promised Land. Happy Passover.
Dear Dr. Schnitzer,
Thank you for all your help and insight regarding the SSAT. Your guidance helped me greatly in the application process. I learned a lot, and really enjoyed studying with you. I was accepted to the Groton School and received a 98th percentile score on the SSAT.

Thank you again,
Matthew *****

P.S. I loved the hot chocolate.
Dear Dr. Schnitzer,
Last week I was surprised and excited to learn that I had been accepted to Harvard. More excited than surprised because I kept the faith, repeating to myself, "If Jeff could do it, I can do it." However, without your help ... this never would have happened. I thank you for your faith in me and I will make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.
Many Thanks,
Devin *******
OK, I rarely do this, but I am passing a referral for an Educational Consultant on to you because I had a very good experience recently.
I used the services of Dr. Jeffrey Schnitzer of Schnitzer Associates of Lexington. K needed some tutoring to re-take the SSAT's (for possible admission into a private school) and I was very impressed with this consultant. K's test results improved by 25% after just two sessions of tutoring! He provides SAT tutoring, regular skills and academic tutoring, etc. for children of all ages. He helps with private school and college placements, and does all the regular stuff that Ed Consultants do such as intelligence testing, ADHD counseling, etc.
He is very down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and very well informed on issues such as ADHD and learning disabilities, etc. He was able to pinpoint some real issues with K's academic skills through an evaluation of her previous testing and by doing one-onone analysis while she was being tutored. As a result, we have a good tool base to help her improve her studying techniques.
Dr. Schnitzer went to Harvard specializing in Child or Adolescent Psychology (I think!). Anyway, he is great with kids, easily reached (in Lexington), and very flexible with his time and hours and his fees are reasonable.
Anyway, thought I would pass this on because in the world of educational consultants, it is hard to find good people. Please feel free to [send] this to your friends or colleagues who may be looking for similar services!
Kathy **********
PS No, he is not related, and I don't get any bonus for referrals!